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Smart or smarting? My UK Dissertation Time-1-

After all exams are finished, which is generally around May, almost all postgraduate students in the UK find themselves in just another stressful period. I call this final studying period the "SMART(ing) UK DİSSERTATİON TİME":)

In my opinion, the most painful steps are the "start" and "finding a title". Everybody is going to advice you that you should write your dissertation on a subject you are interested in. I am sure, some people have lots of interests, however, some are panicky right now and can't think of any interest they might have. It's not easy, I know. But, you will feel so proud of yourself once you finished your dissertation. Therefore, you should go ahead and start immediately.

I have some tips though that I realised when I was doing my own dissertation.
I hope, it helps anybody doing their dissertation at the moment.

  • Start as soon as possible! Dont waste your time with worring! Start writing the possible fields you want to know more.

  • Use your University database with access to emerald and others, if possible.Find relevant journals related to your initial ideas.

  • Read carefully future suggestions and limitations in the conclusions chapter of the study at the end of the publication. I believe that it would help you too much to get your title and to narrow your dissertation down. Write down again any ideas you have after reading the papers and publications.

  • Buy colourful pens and markers. Use them whenever you read something that you think is useful for your dissertation.

  • Use most relevant books for your methodology. The specific book obviously depends on the subject. For example, "Research Methods for Business Students" from Mark Saunders is a quite useful "classic" for business students

  • Organise appropriate margings when you start writing your dissertation,which helps you to see how much you wrote. Also use the word count function of Microsoft Office

  • Record your references.Dont think you can do later!

Good luck!!:)

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