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Smart or smarting? My UK Dissertation Time-2-

I wrote previously about my experiences on writing my dissertation. Initially, I mentioned about some difficulties and advices. Later on, I decided to write as a series of this subject because there are more other challenges to keep continue and finish it on time. This time is more about psychological and motivational aspect for carry on.

Lets say you really decided to study concentrate on your dissertation tomorrow, well, and not the day after tomorrow...

You need to start to prepare yourself psychologically and physically. Sounds easy, doesnt it? Also, draw a plan of the day in your mind; you would wake up early (not late), take a shower, (or leave it) have a nice cup of tea (coffee after party) and be awake! Catch the bus and listen to your favorite piece in your mp3 during the journey to the library
(unless it blows your mind), be in good mood (or pretend). Because you always feel good, if you listen that song in the bus. Well, and finally arrive in the library and choose the best table (for studying, not sleeping, by the way). Start research and reading, be hungry, go to canteen, buy your favorite sandwich and coke, see your classmate and discuss with curiously their work for inspiration, go back library and study, study,study until library closing time... Butttt..... so far the theory

In reality you
might start talking about how your collegues research is going, ending up to find yourself chatting curiously how your classmate is doing on MSN or with her boyfriend, which is then the most part of the chat. 15 min. about boring dissertation stuff seems enough to share information. Eventually comes the "Ohhh my god,it is already 6" and you are not sure anymore, you can catch the bus.

The warning is: minimise your communication on MSN and any online activity (such as reading this blog :-)) and remain concentrated on the research during your UK dissertation time..

Good luck;)

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