Cuma, Haziran 5

The Tiny Information About Life

I have decided to have a blog in April, but that was only the first and easiest step. I then obtained an account from blogger .com, chose the template, clicked here and there, decided the language I should use,what will be the content, what the title etc. Eventually, I have shaped my blog.

It was a nice feeling to create a place in the cyberworld, which is some kind of a place for expressing yourself and writing what you want. My initial idea was writing in Turkish, which is my native language, but I recently thought, it would be nice to write some of my observations, information or anything what I want to say in English. It is my supposed to be my place , so I shouldnt set any limitations for myself:) English is also my everyday language as I am living in the UK since three years.

Sometimes, it seems to me that it is easy to say something in English rather than Turkish. In my opinion, the English language is more direct and more clear when you are telling something. It might be my new language habit, but that is what I feel about English. I am sure, some people that are using a second language in their life understand me what I mean. I also want to write about some of my experience in the UK in my blog, but if I do that just in Turkish, it is not fair to other people who don't know Turkish.

Finally, today I am writing my blog in English and, for a start, want to give some information about my blog:
  • The blog title in Turkish "Hayata dair ufak bilgiler" means in English something along the lines of "Tiny Information About Life"
  • The blog gives some information, small stories, my own experences and observation about life
  • Privacy concerns are taken into account in this blog:) No real names are used, but rather nicknames or their initial letter
  • All rights reserved. Noone can use any article in this blog without my permission
I hope, many readers will enjoy reading my blog in English.

Welcome to "The Tiny information About Life".

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  1. So, does that mean that your readers should comment in english on your english blogposts and in turkish on your turkish ones? Or can we co free spirit?! :)
    All in all, have fun!

  2. Thanks for question,Eliza.Please,feel free.Any comments are more than welcome:))